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As We Keep it Movin’ Into 2016

(Video) Antone Mecca & Ays'N'Beez - Keep it Movin' (Prod. Tape-Roc)

Blezz – Tuff Kärlek

Först ut från kommande 4:19 EP:n är den Sonny Frito producerade singeln ”Tuff kärlek”..

Flint & Blezz – Bomber (Prod. Tape-Roc)

Startar bilalarm på gatan som bomber!

Flint & DenDärTim – Är Vi Där Snart (Prod. K.Sluggah)

Flint & DenDärTim - Är Vi Där Snart Prod: K.Sluggah (Muddy Fatique)

Antone Mecca – I can see you (Prod. Odiwan Freenobi)

Antone Mecca Teamat upp med Franska duon Odiwan Freenobi

DenDärTim & A.Mecca – ANDAS

I dessa tider är det viktigt att komma ihåg att andas..

A.Mecca – Bitch got me…

Antone Mecca pours out his heart on this track adressing his loved one!


”För dem som slutat känna efter. För dem som genom enfaldig underhållning bedövar undran och reflektion. Här är Bröd och Skådespel; en orubblig realism som fångar och tar ner det andliga till gatorna. Här möts drömmande melodier med aforism. Här balanseras det som varit med det som är för att skapa en begriplig morgondag. Det är dags att avlägsna skyddslapparna, vidga tunnelseendet och sluta fly.”

DenDärTim – Fallfrukt EP

DenDärTim's Debut - Fallfrukt EP

DenDärTim – Fallfrukt (Video)

Video till titelspåret på DenDärTIm's Fallfrukt EP

Antone Mecca – Natural Selection EP

The EP is the sequel to last years ”The Rusty Meccanism” and contains 8 highly meccanized tracks!

Tape-Roc & Blezz – In the black hole

Finally got our 900 likes on the Rusty Label page! This means we finally got to release […]

A.Mecca – Over & Over ft. Ays’N’Beez

Over & Over is the second single to be released from Antone Mecca's upcoming 8-track EP!

Antone Mecca, Blezz & Funkinstitutet – Over & Over

Last weekend we were invited to a jam session with the mad skilled swedish funk/soul/RnB-band ”Funkinstitutet”, based […]

A. Mecca – Natural Selection

The single ”Natural Selection” is Antone Mecca’s first single from his upcoming Maxi EP with the same […]


Check out DendärTim's first tape from his series "JAGKANOXÅGÖRABEATS"(ICANMAKEBEATSTOO)

Blunt Trauma (Inofficial video)

A dope fan edit, made by Pspsy

Antone Mecca – Dreamers And Doers

The second video from the album "The Rusty Meccanism", Shot in Barcelona by DenDärTIm

Blezz – The Wizard Beattape

Few people know that Blezz, actually is a wizard when it comes to the Beats... Don't kick it i the dark..

Tape-Roc’s ”Karlos på taket Cheesetape”

There's no stoppin to this beattape madness!


Kortfilmer/Edits af: DenDärTim

Tape-Roc: The BroTape

Tape-Roc has been cookin on some mad-ish... It goes by the name "The BroTape"...

A.Mecca Jam Session

During last weeks jam session, we came about doing some sorta live performance recording with our videographdevice! Peep the result!

Blezz Beats – September Beat-Tape 2013

"That grey orangie coziness and the melancholy that automatically transfers to the beats."

”Tredje Basen” Beat Tape

”Tredje Basen” Beat Tape! Dig it, download it & make sure to follow him if you’re on […]

Blezz & Tape-Roc – Dynamite Soul

Blezz & Tape-Roc present their album DYNAMITE SOUL!

A. Mecca – Blunt Trauma

Listen to the second single from Antone Mecca's album!

Blezz & Tape-Roc – Mega Power

Musicvideo from the Dynamite Soul album!

A.Mecca – Fat Lady Sings

Antone Mecca – Fat Lady Sings Video directed by: Morris Msl Antone Mecca’s Album ”The Rusty Meccanism” […]

Blezz Foulängz Remix

Ozone Fukkaz -Foulängz (Official Remix by Blezz)

A. Mecca – Listen to me

Antone Mecca – The Rusty Meccanism

Antone Mecca's latest full-length album!

Ays’n’Beez – Escapades

Second full-length album from Ays'N'Beez!

Tape-Roc – Feta beats vol. 1

Tape-Roc brings us another beattape

Antone Mecca – Monkey Biz

Musicvideo for Monkey Biz featuring Progress Evolution!

Tape-Roc – 24

Another beattape!

Rusty Label

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“Authors, like coins, grow dear as they grow old:
It is the rust we value, not the gold.”


-Alexander Pope



Rusty Label is a collective of creative minds, from the city of Norrköping, Sweden. Known amongst the natives as Rusty P due to its history as a major industrial city back the good ol’ days, P = Peking, the local nickname. Nuff’ history for now!
We’re a group of beatmakers, artists, sound engineers, photographers & filmmakers with a common goal, to unite with the rest of the world through the unique quality and full Rusty P experience and redefine rust as we know it.

We offer beats, full production, photography, and mixing and mastering with unique quality. So listen closely! Because we’ve got a bunch of rustyness for you to delve into! And even more so on the way!

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